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Dentistry: FAQs

1 : Why is it recommended to remove wisdom teeth?

  • There's not enough space.
  • Due to the presence of infections, which can affect the adjacent teeth but also the adjacent anatomical spaces.
  • To allow appropriate access and optimal hygiene.

2 : My child has spaces between his/her baby teeth, could this have consequences for his/her adult teeth?

  • Not at all, in fact, these spaces promote the healthy growth of adult teeth because they are a lot bigger.

3 : Implants are a new science, there aren't enough studies proving their success.

  • The opposite is true. Implant treatments go back more than 35 years and many long-term studies have been done, showing a success rate of more than 95%.

4 : Are fillings made of synthetic material as durable as amalgam fillings?

  • Today there is a rapid progression toward treatments using synthetic materials and they are very similar to the old amalgam materials. However, if there is severe destruction of the tooth, we may suggest other types of aesthetic restorations like crowns or others options.

5 : My child grinds his/her teeth at night, is this normal?

  • In most cases it is normal for a child to grind his/her teeth at night, because this helps correct the alignment of their jaws over the course of their growth. However, this does not necessarily explain teeth grinding as an adult. 

6 : I have a missing tooth that I would like to replace, what are my options?

  • In most cases and if your health condition permits, an implant is the best choice.

  • The alternative solution to this treatment is a bridge, where the missing tooth is reattached to the adjacent teeth by using crowns.

7 : How often should I have my teeth checked?

  • Unless there is an emergency, it is recommended to see the dentist every six months for a check-up. For a complete examination of the maxilla, teeth and soft tissue, a visit is recommended every 3 to 5 years.

8 : From what age should a child start seeing the dentist?

  • Unless there is an emergency, from the age of three years. In fact, this is when the milk teeth are complete and it is the best time to start familiarizing the child with dental prevention and examination.